A Better Hope

I stared at the sun
The sun that was, 8 minutes ago.

In the night I faced the dotted sky
I saw the light from back in the time
History cupped over my head
And I stared again, at the past above me.

What is behind me..
Just blank white space ?
All that turns into colors and feelings
The moment I turn back at them

I wish I could turn around and
See the unilluminating white
The emptiness of it, and the lie it holds for me

Still, somewhere in that nothingness..
I'll find you
Standing all in the same red dress
Smiling sweet and eyes as wide..
Just because you were so real
You, and all about you

A wishing star flew..
– the history of it.
I guess it knew.

I was reading Stephen Hawking while inspired by this idea. The poem is not entirely imaginative. The lines have some truths of science in them. And only with them, that the poem is complete.


What do you think?

Written by Et


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