This is your Life – Fight Club 10 Anniversary Special.

And you open the door,
and you step inside,
we're inside our hearts,
now imagine your pain,
is a white ball of healing light,
that's right, feel your pain,
the pain itself,
is a white ball of healing light
I don't think so.

This is your life
good to the last drop,
doesn't get any better than this,
this is your life, and it's ending,
one minute at a time,
this isn't a seminar,
and this isn't a weekend retreat,
where you are now,
you can't even imagine,
what the bottom will be like,

Only after disaster,
can we be resurrected,
it's only after you've lost,
everything that you're,
free to do anything,

Nothing is static,
everything is appalling (evolving),
everything is
falling apart,

You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake,
you are the same decaying
organic matter as everything else,
we are all a part of the same compost heap,
we are the all-singing,
all-dancing crap of the world
you are not your bank account,
you are not the clothes you wear,
you are not the contents of your wallet,
you are not your bowel cancer,
you are not your grande latte,
you are not the car you drive,
you are not your fucking khakis,

You have to give up,

you have to realise that someday you will die,
until you know that you are useless,
I say let me never be complete,
I say may i never be content,
I say deliver me from swedish furniture,
I say deliver me from clever art,
I say deliver me from clear skin and perfect teeth,
I say you have to give up,
I say evolve, and let the chips,
fall where they may,

i want you to hit me as hard as you can

Welcome to fight club
if this is your first night
you have to fight.

[ Fight Club, is a movie by David Fincher, released a decade ago, it is one of the finest pieces of art in the history of cinema. A dark satirical comedy with a visually aesthetic style, minced with witty dialogues and intense action, this modern thriller will just blog those little grey areas of your brain, apart! If you haven't watched it till now, please do, for once you will realize life is not boring after all. The complete essence of fight club can be gotten in the above song. I almost forgot to add, this movie's soundtrack composed by the Dust Brothers is an epic itself. Please do check it out.

P.S. : No part in this post except the one in brackets is original, credit goes to the guy who wrote this song and David Fincher

P.P.S.: Posting on Saturday!]

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Written by Pawan


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