Mirror, mirror on the wall

If I am beautiful to the core, will my indiscipline be forgiven? If I am thoroughly intelligent, will my ugly looking braces and balloonish body not come in my way up the success ladder?

The other day I was traveling in a B.E.S.T bus, back from a day’s work and I happened to overhear a conversation (I know that’s bad manners but they couldn’t help their voices and I couldn’t help my boredom!) of two people sitting behind me who seemed to be friends. The girl was upset at how things didn’t work for her marriage as her “could be relatives” were looking for a combo-offer! i.e. the habits of a home-maker and the looks of a model. The guy sitting next to her reacted to this as a threat and retaliated saying “So what? Aren’t you people also looking for a hunk with a cash-making machine?”. Me, being a non-contributing part of the conversation-cum-debate-cum-quarrel, smiled and thought of the answers my fellow passengers had raised to each other.

The hype surrounding “looks” is too exaggerated. Now common, I love my family because of thousands of reasons, other than how they look! We as an audience, consumers.. need to understand that the nature of some professions demand good looking people, where their looks are as important as their performances. For the rest of them, it doesn’t matter whether their employee is a “Monroe” or a “Presly” lookalike!

Its the end of a relaxful day, but not over yet. I better leave my pc alone. As I wrap up to have a leisure walk before I am off to sleep, comes my neighbour’s little one crawling and demanding attention! It doesn’t matter to him how sleepy my eyes look or how many merits have I gained at work.. Just a smile and he is happy. Before I’ll leave, I’ll make sure, I don’t forget to put that thing on my face that makes everyone look beautiful.. a Smile. And no make-up or accessory could come anywhere close to a smile’s competition. With a smile on, I don’t care what the “mirror on the wall” thinks of me.. I got my answer 🙂


What do you think?

Written by Nehha


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