under our noses




under our noses

On July 12, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved

jaw-jaw with the grim one
a grim grin in return
your time is not now
neither is it nigh

bounce, bounce, bounce
bumping, grinding
gyrating in flight of terror?
nay, fantasy!

had a chat with the man
from the DC
spoke about hidden obsessions
different ideas, cynical rants.

did it because i could
remorseless, no regrets
chest beating, will do again if i could
feel me, fear me!

bounce, bounce, bounce..
bumping, grinding
gyrating, grating

a yacht, a trip
a holiday, pleasure myself
black gold gushing
heartless response.

livelihood lost
robots work away
caps failing.

happens in the delta,
south of the niger all the time,
of no import, death has no meaning here
in the delta nobody cares, nobody fights the cause.

bounce, bounce, bounce
cynical wink from the grim one
my arms are wide open
come in all who are lost.

a chevron, a beepee,
total, final elfins
all caught up, rubbished
in corruption..



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