Strings ..

Strings everywhere..

Purse-strings, which I cannot loosen.

Hamstrings, which haven't been worked in ages.

Shoe-strings, I know nothing about.

Puppet-strings..hmmm, nah.

Puppets, interesting things they are. Wikipedia  tells me that “puppet is an inanimate object or representational figure animated or manipulated by a puppeteer.” Yes, thank you Wikipedia. My life is a better place because of you.

Oscar Wilde said “There are many advantages in puppets. They never argue. They have no crude views about art. They have no private lives.”

Sometimes we become puppets. Not by choice, always. It just happens. With time. We get “manipulated” and work according to wishes of another. Sometimes, though, it is by choice. When we start trusting a person with a trust that transcends everything else. And then, we no longer care because, hey, our life doesn't belong to us right?

And then, one fine day, the puppeteer gets bored. Reasonable. After all, how long can you have the same old puppet, the same old expressions? It is just plain and simple same old story. So the puppeteer takes his/her big, fat pair of scissors and goes snip-snip-snip. And the puppet falls.

End of story…

Er, actually, no..

No matter what, the puppet learns to get up. It feels the remnants of the strings by which it was held. It sees them when it moves its arms, feet, head, everything. You see, the puppet isn't used to not being bound. It isn't used to not having the puppeteer around. It isn't used to not having the pull of those strings which held it so strongly before. And it has the remains of the strings to remind it of the “good times”. Which isn't always a good thing.

A puppet lost its puppeteer. The strings are still attached. The puppeteer didn't bother cutting them thoroughly. So, now and then, the puppet feels the old pull. 

Antonio Porchia floored me with this one:

“He who holds me by a thread is not strong; the thread is strong.”

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