image Image is from On August 17, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved Minutes down the drain Plumbing done for so fleeting gain Uptime, blood rush Head thick, throbbing body engorged. Seconds, minutes, time stands still Swimming in pink juicy tides Settled between twin peaks Rocked to and fro within giant waves. Gold services, gold member, underhand passes Out of the way stops, Romps, bumps and grinds False road to utopia. Exhilarating Taste the forbidden Fireworks in the wind Culmination of messages sent and received. Those left behind to pick up the pieces, Clinging on to dreams long lost Misery filled No impaling, no thrusting. Moaners and groaners Through and through No winners, only losers In this game of deceit.


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Written by Stanis


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Between Tangled Lines

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