Holidays At The Cabin

Three Word Wednesday
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Three Word Wednesday

Grimace, phase, Stumble,


James gremaced as Dorothy opened the front door, letting all the heat outside. The freezing air was bitterly cold and Jame's bed was closest to the door. Finally, Shirley came in and closed the door. Soon enough everyone forgot about the cold air outside. But, if you think this is cold just wait, in a couple of months “Mother Winter” will arrive and she'll introduce you to her nippy cold fingers as she's frost biting the tips of your toes, nose, and anything else accessable to her.

Finally, people are up and about, a game of Phase Ten will begin soon. Next we'll all be going for a horseback ride in the country. Shirley was doing just fine until she got off her horse and took a tumble, as she lost her footing she stumbled down the hill. I felt so sorry for her.

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