Beautiful Birds near Bangalore

Bird watching was not my forte. But after a few recent trips with a photographer frined, I feel I am developing an interest in this activity. En route our trip to Bheemeshwari in July this year, I spotted a large number of not that common birds. Managed to take presentable photographs of few of them. Though my Sony DSC H50 has decent zoom, the higher zoom comes at a  price- I’ve to reduce image resolution. This is one of the moments I miss a DSLR with telephoto lens. Sharing with you photos of a few birds clicked during this visit. Most of them were visible on the road side. I feel weather also might have contributed a little- After 2-3 days of rains, the day was sunny and birds had the compulsion to come out and get some food. Due to the noise of car’s engine, they flew from one place to another, hence identifying them was a bit easy. I didn’t knew the names of most of them, until few friends helped me in identifying them… Green Bee eater. I’m thankful to this one as it didn’t escape even though we were 3-4 feet away. Green-bee-eater Drongo Drongo Red Whiskered Bulbul and  Red vented bulbul (there’s another bird in the frame which I didn’t notice initially 🙁 …) Red Whiskered Bulbulred-vented-bulbul View full post with more text and photos on


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