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Let’s start with what is calligraphy? Calligraphy is nothing but visual art related to letters – it is a form of expressing emotions through lettering and creating interesting visuals. As a craft, Calligraphy requires just a few tools – the writing pen, the ink and the writing surface – the art depends on an individual having a proper understanding of the three, their knowledge of letter forms and the skill and freedom with which they can create.

‘Calligraphy’ is a union of two Greek words – Kalli, which means ‘beautiful’ and graphy, which means ‘writing’ – but there is definitely a lot more to this – for more, you must check out Calligraphy Workshop in Dubai – they’re very interesting, helpful and can get you totally interested in this beautiful craft of creativity.


There are a lot of Art Galleries in Dubai who hold these calligraphy workshops, where Calligraphy has been defined as a set of skill & technique for positioning and inscribing words – and these show integrity, harmony, rhythm and the creative fire in you – As a family, it’s one of the best summer activities – where you get creative, spend time with each other and bring out emotions in the best possible manner.

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In Islamic Art, Calligraphy comes along with a very rich history – Early Muslims used to write parts of Qur’an in Calligraphy. In fact, many manuscripts are written and preserved by scholars in this beautiful art form and as time progressed, calligraphy was used on every surface, from stones to silk robes to anything you could imagine – Calligraphy ensures your creative juices flow!

Artwork in Dubai often tends to encapsulate this beautiful art – and it’s the place where Calligraphy workshops gained popularity – because of everything and more this art brings to the table – so do yourself a favour – check out Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery, one of the most popular art galleries in Dubai for creative calligraphy workshops – and enroll yourself for a course now!



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