2020’s Top 5 Ideas to Design Your Craft Room

Being creative means, having a craft room of your own! Crafting is a type of relaxing process and it is the best way to remove anxiety and stress. Thus for having a good and happy mental health crafting is the best option. But, for having a craft room of your own all you need is space as crafting involves different and many things in itself. Some are large and some are small and you have to buy them timely. As it is understandable that these can go out of stock anytime and it is the best way to store all these items even a month before your project starts! Especially when you are from that field which requires items like these.


So it’s not a bad idea to store these before the deadline comes. And in the end, you will end up having a lots of stuff but the thing is where you will store these stuff when you don’t have the proper spacing? Well if you have the storage area where you can do your activity then nothing is greater then this. But when you don’t have the proper space, you need to do some DIY’s to add the proper spacing for storing these items. You can also take the help of interior design companies in the Dubai who will help you in making more your space into the room also give the best suggestion to make your house interior more attractive.

In our blog, we are suggesting some super spacing ideas that you can use to add space and correctly organize your crafting stuff:-

Adding Drawers and Doors for Storage –

It’s the best DIY to do. All you need to do is choose the simple table which doesn’t have its single drawer and add partitions into it using the plywood pieces make it the chest of drawers along with cabinet into it.

Adding Cutting Table into The Corners or Center –

If you have a center table or the long table then you can cut it and divide it into 2 parts (if you have the team to work with) and arrange it into the corners of the room so that the whole room will get utilized. When you divide the table add the legs and other things to give support to it.

Adding Partitions inside The Drawers –

If you use the small things like pins or any other sharp tiny or big items then adding a partition into the drawers is the best option to go for. All you need to do is add the partition using the plywood. This will help you in keeping the small things safe.  

Adding Cubics Wall Shelves –

It is the best way to store large items. To make it all you need is plywood divide it into the different parts and make a self by using it.

The Transit Table on Wheels –

It is the best option if you don’t want to have a particular table. If you have the small space then this is the best option to go for all you need to do is adding the wheels to all the table legs.  This way you will save and occupy the space by moving the table from one place to another.

So, we hope that you will like our suggestions and if you still need an expert advice then you can simply call out for the interior design companies in the UAE



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  1. These ideas are so creative and innovative. I loved the cubic wall shelves and I think I can do it on my own too. In fact, all the ideas are so easy that anyone can do it and is best suited for the starters. Please come up with more such innovative ideas.

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