Method Acting is Not just an Acting Class

Method Acting is not just an acting class, it’s a school of craft and the actor’s instrument. Here in our central London acting college, we have an extensive selection of courses and classes (Units) which cover every aspect of the craft of the actor. We want you to immerse yourself in learning in the same way you should immerse yourself in a role and so we’ve created a comprehensive process that can, in the individual units, address the specific acting muscles and expand your methodology, or collectively become an all-embracing acting training.

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Written by Jake Tucker

Method Acting is all about harnessing the powerful muscle of the unconscious and channelling it into the role or text, this course is specifically designed to aid that journey and ignite those impulses. You could not get the same out of a course that wasn’t this direct and deliberately intense. This course will expand you as an actor and as a person. The Method Intensive offers not only an introduction to these tools and talents but through repetition of the technique and scene class sections, it makes it accessible and easy.


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