Vases the Most Common but Beautiful Way to Decorate Your Office Space and Home

When it comes to decorating your favourite space where you spend most of your time then there are no compromises. There are certain things that need no second thoughts as they play a vital role in bringing the spaces to life. The liveliest of them all are the vases, wall hangings, lamps, paintings and sculptures. But when it comes to vases you cannot say no to these colourful and beautiful decorative pieces.

Many people are fond of vases as they beautify the home as well as the offices. Adding flowers to them further makes it desirable. Who doesn’t want to remain in the midst of nature? There are many kinds of vases available in the market that include crystal, ceramic or contemporary vases. Be it the vacant corners, side tables, dining table or any other place you can experiment with it easily. They definitely capture the attention of the beholder and make a great impression on others. It would be better to have a thorough idea of the types of vase available in the market.

There are different kinds of vases that we can have a look at are:

1.      Crystal vases:

Crystal vases are undoubtedly are the most impressive style of vases that can adorn your office area, bedroom or living room. The aesthetic, structure and the look of the crystal flower vase make the space look beautiful and also add a rich look to the place. The crystal vases are definitely a little expensive if compared to their counterparts but there is no equal to it.

2. Ceramic vases:

The ceramic vases are mostly handcrafted and come from rural areas. It has covered a long journey to become everyone’s favourite. They may not have a very rich look but look attractive and alluring. They can beautify any space with their simple yet elegant beauty. The best ceramic pots come from different parts of the world and one of the most famous of them all is Chinese porcelain that comes in bright hues like red, yellow and blue.

3. Cemetery vases:

These are the modern pieces of decoration that come in different shapes like cone, urn or cylindrical. The floral decoration in these vases adds to the beauty of the place. You can choose the shapes and sizes as per your preference. It makes the places look amazingly captivating.

4. Oversized vases:

The oversized vases come in different shapes and look amazingly attractive as it covers the whole area. The floor-length vases are getting popular day by day. It can be as tall as 40 cm. the best place to keep them can be the corners of the living room or entrance area to have a greater impact. Add the bamboo sticks, dried flowers or fresh long branches daily and let its fragrance encompass the whole place.

5. Miniature vases:

Miniature vases can be used as the contemporary pieces that come in eggshells or seashells are preferred as they glorify the places with their elegance and gracefulness. Add small twigs or fresh flowers to adorn the place.

Different vase fillers:

·         Jelly beads: The most popular fillers used these days are jelly or glass beads that come in many colours. You fill them in small or tall vases they do their work perfectly.

·         Pebbles: pebbles are small colourful stones that you can find easily if you are a nature lover. You just need to fill the vases in large quantity and add colourful plants or flowers and see the magic it creates.

·         Grains: Though it sounds a little out of the box if you are adding a vase in your kitchen shelf then you can fill it with grains or spices that will surely grab eyeballs.

·         Candles: Be more creative by adding candles of different heights in see-through vases over the dry twigs, pebbles or beads instead of directly putting it.

·         Seashells: To make the vases look majestic add seashells in addition to sand in the vases. Apart from that artificial ceramic sculptor can adorn the vases as well.

Tips to consider while decorating the place with vase.

1. Light colours: Do not go for very bright coloured flower pot if you want the fillers to go unnoticed. Vases that come in light colours will always work at any place. If you are thinking of adding bright-coloured flowers then the light colour of the vases are great choices.

2. The right material: You have a wide range of vases available in the market that comes in different materials. You can buy any of them depending upon the place you want to put in. Though, the steel ones are trending a lot as they can be safely put in the office or at home.

3. Shapes of the vases: The shapes play an important part when you are choosing them for homes or offices. The bowl-shaped or small vases look nice in the offices while the large ones in cylindrical or bottle shape can be used in homes.

 4. Placement: placement of the vases is also an important factor to consider when you are buying them as the vases made with unbreakable material should be chosen for tables and shelves. The sturdy ones that can beautify the apace as well as attract attention.


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Written by Shweta Rai

I am a freelance writer, with years of experience in content writing. I have expertise in writing about Ayurveda, education, health and beauty, lifestyle, unique gifts, home decor, food & many more.


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