How To Lose Weight In Your Face: 7 Effective Recommendations

There’s no doubt fat looks disappointing on every body part but when it’s on the face, it frustrates slightly more. Melting it off isn’t easy and the only way to let the flab go is by putting in consistent efforts. Are you checking your round and heavy face in the mirror after reading these ugly lines? Are you thinking if it is possible for you to slim it down and look chiseled? Fortunately, it is possible. Feeling better? You will feel even more if you continue reading this post, as it has 7 amazing tips on how to lose fat in your face. Without wasting any more time, let us begin…

1. Do Facial Exercises

You may not know but besides helping in shedding bodyweight, exercise helps in improving facial appearance and enhancing muscle strength. Doing facial exercise regularly makes the face slimmer. However, this doesn’t mean starting any exercise you get to know about. Instead, you have to be very careful about finding the best exercises for face and discuss them with an expert before starting. 

2. Start Cardio

It has been found that excess body fat is the major reason behind excess face fat. On that note, when the weight from the body is shed, face too loses a considerable amount of weight and looks maintained. According to studies, cardio promotes fat burn to a great extent and hence, must be taken seriously. Another reason to trust it is that even studies have observed a significant fat loss in people who do cardio. And how to do effective cardio? Walking, swimming, running, and biking are some of the best ways to go for. 

3. Keep Your Hydration Level On Point

There’snobody who doesn’t know the benefits of drinking enough water and when it comes to losing fat from the face, the drink is a true friend. By making you feel full, it keeps you away from eating more, thus, enhances the weight loss journey. As per a study, drinking water with breakfast restricts the consumption of calories. What else? Keeping hydrated reduces retention of fluid and keeps bloating as well as face puffiness at bay. 

4. Restrict Quantity Of Alcohol 

Some people enjoy drinking in moderation and some people have no limit. While the former ones suffer no major effects, latter ones get affected by bloating and accumulation of fat in the face. If you want to know how much alcohol is considered moderate, it is up to two drinks for men and up to one drink for women. 

5. Check Your Refined Carbs

Being heavily processed, refined carbs lack nutrients as well as fiber. Not everyone knows but the low quantity of fiber makes these carbs quick to digest, which then crashes blood sugar levels and increases possibilities of excess eating. As per one study, people who took a higher quantity of refined carbs for about five years suffered from belly fat. Swapping these carbs with whole grains is recommended to improve weight loss goals. 

6. Work On Your Sleeping Pattern

Lack of sleep destroys health in multiple ways. Sleeping less spikes cortisol levels, thereby, giving rise to weight gain. And how does it happen? Via increased depression & appetite and decreased metabolism. 

7. Monitor Your Sodium Consumption

Bloatingindicates a high level of sodium, which also causes swelling and facial puffiness. Why? Because sodium makes the body hold water in excess which results in fluid retention. As processed food have sodium in extreme levels, cutting them from the routine is suggested to tone down the facial structure. 

And This Was It

Hopefully, you will make your face look slimmer with these amazing tips. Results will obviously take time but don’t lose hope and stay consistent, as good things do take time but are worth putting in efforts for.


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Written by Jeff Tom

I am a Nutritionist & Blogger I hold my Master's Degree in Human Nutrition from NYU Currently I am working with HerbalCart

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