How to Care oily Face Skin

Oily skin is very annoying. The face not only looks dull, an oily face is also synonymous with the appearance of pimples and acne scars. But in fact, you are lucky to have oily skin. Because your skin can still look young. To stay healthy, this is the way to treat oily facial skin.

Choose the right care product

Oily facial skin requires an appropriate treatment product and is able to remove excess oil on the face so that it does not dry out. You can also choose a gel-based face wash for oily skin that can be used for fatty faces.

Facial moisturizer

Many people think that moisturizer is no longer necessary due to a greasy face. It turns out that this is wrong, whatever the moisturizer of your skin type can not remember at all. Choose moisturizers that are water-based and have oil-free labels that will hydrate the face without creating too much oil.

Wear masks regularly

If you want the skin of your face to be intact, the use of a mask is also mandatory. You can wear sheet masks that are now widely sold in the market. If you like masks with natural ingredients, you can make masks with ingredients such as honey, lemon, potato or yogurt.

Drinking water

The next way to treat oily skin is to consume water. Water has many benefits. One of them is the water that enters the body, capable of controlling oil levels. Therefore, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day so that oil production is more controlled.

Avoid fatty foods

One of the causes of facial skin to become oily is food that is commonly consumed. Therefore, if you have an oily face, it is better to reduce oily and high-fat foods such as fried foods or junk food. 

Minimize the use of makeup

Makeup is also one of the things you should reduce if you have an oily face. For every day, just use sunscreen, moisturizer, and powder. If you want to use full makeup, make sure you use a primer so that your make up is long-lasting and be sure to choose products that have an oil-free label.


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