How Dermal Fillers Work?

One of the commonly used ways of skin treatments includes the use of dermal fillers. These are substances are applied in such a process with the objective of enhancing the tautness and firmness of the human skin. The procedure works through the filling of layers beneath the skin surface. There are different types of dermal fillers with the common ones being the nonsurgical cosmetic type of treatment mainly used for wrinkles and lines.

These dermal fillers are applied through the use of either a single or several injections that don’t take too much time to recover. The fundamental concept behind most dermal fillers is to fill up the flesh under the skin and consequently help in ensuring that its firm and taut to get rid of lines and wrinkles forming from the skin. Dermal fillers are also known as injectables. Some may also refer to them as soft tissue fillers and may include things like Radiesse and Artefill. Different dermal fillers work differently to produce the desired effect on the surface of the skin.

The Application and Use of Dermal Fillers

Different types of dermal fillers work in different ways. All fall into different categories based on whether they are natural or synthetic. They could also be defined based on absorbable characteristics. To know how they work, it is important to understand the different categories. Here is information on how dermal fillers are used based on their type:

1. Synthetic Dermal Fillers

One of the commonly used synthetic dermal fillers is Artefill. It is a non-absorbable dermal filler usually made from “microbeads” that float in collagen sourced from pigs (bovine collagen). A non-absorbable dermal filler like this one does not get absorbed by your adjacent body tissue. This means that it can last for a longer time when compared with the absorbable type of dermal fillers. In some occasions, it is known as permanent filler. This is also a natural filler as well since its drawn from pig collagen.

Radiesse dermal filler on a different note is synthetic but an absorbable option. It’s made in a lab and instead of occurring in a natural manner. Now that it is absorbable, it means that it can be metabolized by the body. The collagen here forms around the microspheres found in the Radiesse to make the skin firm instead of the skin getting its firmness from the substance itself. This option is semi-permanent filler that may last for about 1-2 years. Another good example of this type of dermal filler is the Sculptra that also encourages the development of microspheres. However, the latter is approved for use by HIV positive patients to lose fat.

2. Natural Dermal Fillers

This type of dermal filler works the same as the naturally existing substances in the human body. They are very similar to what a normal body skin has. Ideally, they use collagen or hyaluronic acid as the main constituents. Collagen that is contained naturally in the body of human beings is helpful in keeping it flexible and firm. This is lost due to ageing but can be replaced with natural dermal filler. All the same, it will be important to note that collagen is absorbable and that it can easily get metabolized through the human body indicating that it will not be in a position to last more than 6 months on the maximum. Some types of dermal fillers may not even last for more than two months without the need for occasional top-ups. However, they are very good options for a sensitive skin and for those with skins that are allergic to synthetics. It could also be a perfect choice for anyone who is not looking for a permanent solution but a temporary one.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid is helpful in the filling up of wrinkles and can also assist in ensuring the growth and development of natural collagen. These injections provide a longer solution than collagen options. Ideally, they may last for over 6 months up to a year or so. Other dermal filler options are vitamin C, blood, and fat harvested from different parts of the body.

The Bottom Line

Understanding how dermal fillers work is important before settling on their use. It is highly recommended to ensure that dermal fillers are obtained from certified and trusted sources. Help with dermal filler treatment in Singapore can be a huge success if you are careful to choose a legitimate service provider of the same. Probably many people have an idea of how dermal fillers work but the procedure can only be conducted by certified personnel! 


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