Product Review Creme of Nature With Argan Oil Products

Edward again I'm coming to you guys this time looking disgusted and busted and I apologize about that. But I promise it's for a reason I'm coming to you guys today with the product to the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner for something that I have to shampoo my hair for. Which is why you guys are seeing my week old curls and now my freshman. But the products I'm going to become is to you guys with today are all through the cream of nature.

So this is the first one that was the conditioner.

This is the shampoo and then also I have to leave in conditioner that matches. So I have the whole set. You guys will figure out that I'm matching that person. I'm not sure if.

My OCD or what but I like things that go together. So that's what we're going to be testing today.

So I'm going to get in and wash my hair that you asked me where my clothes look like after I wash my hair then I'm going to put the deep conditioner and Senator dryer for about 15 20 minutes. Let you guys see what that looks like after it's all done. I love that red rinse that out. I'm going to show you guys what my hair looks like after I put in leaving conditioner and then we're in a stylish and once I get done styling it and it's all dry and everything I'm going to let you guys know what that looks like the first I'm going to get started by washing this old dirty hitman and letting you guys see it.

All right. Please. Thank you, guys. All right. So I just wash my hair as you can tell if my little is more direct than I have gone on. So this is what my hair looks like after I use the shampoo just in the general view for my girls look like.

It was really soft. So I was really happy about that. Like my hair doesn't feel as soft as normal but maybe ends up with the condition and goes off.

But I mean like while I was watching it I could feel the oil in the shampoo and it's made with almond oil. So I knew it was going to be like kind of oily but I could feel the oil like trying to hydrate my hair and everything.

I'm not sure how it's going to work. I mean like my curls don't look bad. So you know it's not terrible. My friend has kind of somebody heat damage and everything. So I wasn't expecting that to like dramatically curly or anything like that but my back is always curly. So. Right now kind of. Gotta figure out if I like it you know but like I was saying I definitely felt the curl.

I mean other girls are. I mean the oil in the shampoo. When I was washing it the shampoo does have a smell. If you guys know with hair edge controls smells like the thing you guys will understand that this is going smoothly. Exactly. Doesn't smell bad. Just known as oil. And when I wash my hair I normally don't expect to for it smells like oil you know. So that was the only thing.

But now I'm going to wash my hair again put the deep conditioner inside my hair put a cap on and sit out of the dryer for about 20 maybe 30 minutes to get a definition that I want to rent it out and then I'm going to let you guys.

You guys I just had done with the deep conditioner on my hair so this right now is sweaty.

So this is right now with the hair looks like I'm about to wash the conditioner out hopefully. Let's hope that the end result looks a lot better than this mouthwash my hair device so high. And.

Dry. All right. So I just wash this stuff out of my hair as you guys talk because I'm about to write back on. But now I'm going to take it off and we're going to see what my hair looks like. I look at it is. Just my hair looks like yours. So I did the deed condition and everything. Let us get on my hair for 20 minutes. I wasn't under 30 but about also 20 so I was like why not let me listen to the bottle within 30. I'm not that happy with it.

I guess the off. I guess. It's kind of soft but it's just it's not what I want. It's still soft and everything is not as soft as my hair normally is. So I think that's probably my brown my hair is naturally kind of soft go out and take care of my own thing but it's not exactly what I want it but I'm not very angry at something about it. It's thick. Like I see how it does. It's nothing down here like I had to shake it like that. Hard to make you come down there.

It's really thick though which is kind of nice. So I'm not mad about that. But now I'm going to go ahead and.

Leaving conditioner into my hair and style it. So these three products we're gonna do a little wrap-up. So basically the shampoo and then hate the shampoo. I didn't necessarily love it that much either. It felt really soft while I was in the shower and washing my hair I didn't like the fact that I go I kind of feel the oil on it but that's something that you have to understand because it's made far more oil. So, of course, you don't feel like more of my hair to be like. I can feel the cleanest kind of sort of thing being so that when it was good though I'm not going to hate that my leaving conditioner hated it.

I did not like that hair like it made my hair. I didn't like the way it just made my hair feel so I wasn't really a fan of it. And then leave and I'm sorry. This one's an in conditioner. And this one is leaving conditioner and natural gas. So talk about leaving conditioner. It seems like it made my hair soft again. I was. I'm not sure what they put in the normal conditioner. I made it that way but that was not it because even after I'm only doing condition my hair I always feel soft and like especially since I've added colour onto my hair now I really need my hair to be hydrated and be soft and everything.

So I wasn't sure why that one conditioner made me. Hair feels that way. But I believe in conditioner I did come in and make you feel softer and actually after I started playing with it and stuff like that I didn't really lose my curls. So I'm happy about that I've had some shampoos that have jobs wages growth won't come back if you put it in there. So I was happy about the fact that you know my cross did come back. It was nice to touch and feel and go through didn't really have a bad smell didn't necessarily have that smell like shampoo you smell like conditioner and stuff like that so I was really mad about it.

But that's all I can say about it so far so this is my initial review after I do some more tries at this I'm really gonna wash my hair with it like two more times do the same process and I'll come back to you guys within update and let you guys know.


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