What is Ball of Foot Pain? Causes & Treatments

Stretch Before and After – Once the body is warm, the  Joint Pain Hack Review muscles are ready to be stretched. You do not necessarily need to do intensive full body stretches before playing ping pong, but loosening the major muscles you will use in your activity is a must. As long as the muscle stretches are held within normal range of motion, and until tension is released, they will be effective. The important point is this. Stretch to feel good, not to be flexible. With that in mind, you will not overstretch and cause injury.

If you are doing strength training, be sure to vary your routine and target the weaker muscles. The larger muscles do in fact depend on the weaker and smaller ones to hold the body frame in place. Yet most people forget about the small guys in favor of making the big guys even bigger. Needless to say, they feel pain from muscle imbalances. So avoid this exercise pain by targeting the smaller and weaker muscles as part of your ongoing routine.

Injuries like strains, tears and inflammation hamper exercise progress and overall health. It is therefore important to begin the healing process as soon as possible. If an injury is acute, it is best to apply cold within the first 5 minutes to reduce swelling. Ice packs, ice cubes, a frozen bag of peas or cold gels can be applied.

On for 20 minutes, off for 20 minutes, continue as necessary. When swelling is down and the pain cycle is broken, stop the cold and apply heat. This will bring oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the area to relax muscles, remove waste products and promote healing. Additionally, supplements containing both a natural anti-inflammatory herbal extract and natural acid that increases flexibility and relieves joint pain can be taken.


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