Preventing Skin Damage From the Sun

At the end of the day you have to consider the balance Skin Cell Pro Review  between what you can afford to pay and the results you expect, if you consider the above for mentioned points you should find the best self tanner for your needs. If you are wondering about the orange peel like skin appearance that seems to be overtaking your thighs, abdomen and practically everywhere else then its time you know that this condition is called Cellulite.

Caused by the swelling of sub dermal fat cells which push around the connective tissues that hold the cells together, cellulite is more embarrassing than life threatening. Despite all the promises made by expensive creams, lotions, injections and host of other therapies, diet and exercise remain the best bet in reducing cellulite. Best mantra is to lose fat by whatever mean possible as it is the root cause of cellulite.

Diet that includes fresh fruits, leafy veggies, and whole grains like oats, rye, millets, barley etc is more likely to combat cellulite than the one with refined, precooked and packed variety. The word to remember is – DETOX.

It’s important to detoxify your liver and colon by reducing the intake of salt, sugar, fat, caffeine, and nicotine. Fasting once a week and drinking at least 8-12 litres of water every day helps in removing toxins from body. Major chunk of fat in your diet should come from nuts and sea-food rich in omega3. All berries, like blueberries and tomatoes are known to work wonders to reduce cellulite.


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