Bunions and Foot Pain

The fundamental thing of left-foot/right-foot/your Fungus Eliminator Review  body will follow is in making sure your feet are up to the task. The old term tenderfoot harkens back to those would-be outdoorsmen who had little experience moving about the woods. A good way to toughen your feet is by walking around barefoot whenever possible at home, especially outside to develop a thick hide on the contact surfaces of your soles and toes.

Take care of your feet and they will take care of you. Keep your feet clean, dry and toenails cut short and strait across before you start your hunt. If you have a history of blisters in a certain area, invest in a $3 pack of moleskin to guard those sensitive areas. You can thank us later for that tip.

Sock choice is the foundation of keeping your feet going in the woods. Stay away from ankle socks, thin athletic socks, and for that matter, most of your normal everyday around town foot sleeves. Looking around any Tractor Supply, Bass Pro Shop or other big box store will soon turn up a large selection heavyweight hiking socks that go as thick as a loaf of French bread.

This is a better choice as many of these include natural wool blends that will stay warm even when wet. A good standby that hunters have used for years is the old two-sock combo. This is simply a white synthetic athletic ‘sweat sock' for moister wicking on first, covered by a thick green anti-microbial army boot sock to cushion the feet.


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