How To Keep Flowers From Wilting

We all root for some fresh-cut flowers but to expect that flowers shall remain fresh and fragrant after they have been cut is a false dream. Flowers actually die a slow death once they have been separated from their parent plant. But, there a few tricks that can keep your seemingly fresh bouquet of flowers actually fresh for some time. But where do you get these flower bouquets from? Bloomsvilla has an amazing range of flowers for flower delivery in Delhi. Take your pick. But, after it arrives, make sure to look after a few things to keep the freshness of the flowers alive for some time.


The most basic thing that all the flowers need to remain fresh is the water. That is their food. But here are a handful of tricks that you can keep up your sleeves to make the process easier and workable.

Cut the stems a little bit.

If you notice that the stems of the flowers have dried out, then that makes it really difficult for the flower to absorb water. The necessary nutrients are not supplied for the flower to absorb and this makes it devoid of life. To help your flower with this, there is a trick. Cut the bottom of  the stem, up to an inch at a slightly bent angle, say 45 degrees. If it is cut straight, then it becomes really difficult for the flower to absorb the water since it will level up with the bottom of the container.

2. Give the flowers a warm water bath.

Instead of dipping it cold water, use lukewarm water. The high temperature ensures that the water is absorbed into the flower nice and well, and it also helps get rid of any blockages that might be hindering the flower to absorb the water. Cold water is not easy to move via the capillary action while a lukewarm water opens up the stem, making sure the flow is made smoother. However, make sure the water is not steaming hot, it just needs to be little warmer than the normal temperature.

3. Give the flowers some food.

Everybody needs some extra vitamins to function better and to suffice for any deficiencies that they might have. If you have ever ordered flowers before, you would have noticed a tiny packet of supplements with it, that is your flower food. Those are the basic nutrients for the flowers to keep alive and fresh. So keep your flower well-fed and well-watered. In case, you did not receive any flower food, do not worry. It is very easy to do it yourself. You just need some lemon juice, sugar and a drop of bleach. The sugar is the food, the lemon juice lowers the pH of water while the bleach prevents the bacterial growth.

4. Show some humanity.

Flowers are known to respond well to human emotions. Show them some love and talk to them. Give them a nice warm water bath and let them blossom. The whole process takes time. If you are trying to blow life into something that would have died otherwise you need to be really patient. You might have to repeat the processes several times before you see any visible results. So, hold on and keep trying. Make your flowers feel secure and care for them with love.

Now, another important thing to look into is whether you ordered a flower that comes as buds. Maybe the bouquet of flowers is not looking as fresh and as full is because it has not blossomed yet so give it some time. If it looks weak, give it a warm water bath for some time and see if they look fresh again.

Now, it does not matter if it is a Valentine’s Day flower delivery or a birthday bouquet, you know how to keep your flowers fresh and happy for quite some time. Make sure you follow all the steps before you decide on throwing away a bouquet of flowers. Maybe just the display of the right amount of emotion will be enough to revive your wilting flowers. So, order some flowers for your loved ones and put that smile across their faces!



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