God is Love – Who Am I?

God is love.


Some amazing verses that describe God as love are found in  Instant Manifestation Secrets Review   1 John 4 – go read the whole chapter – it’s short.In our efforts to understand God, communicate with God and understand ourselves and our relation to God we struggle with definitions.There is this terrible human need to define and categorize – we somehow think it helps us understand. It does not. Our definitions are based on old experience. So when we’re faced with something new – there’s always a possibility that we’ve never experienced anything quite like it. To compare the new experience to old ones reduces and limits the new.

It is in this way that we reduce God to our limited way of being and thinking.

So now that we’re aware of this tendency let’s consider this idea that God is love.Drop for a moment the image of the white haired gentleman sitting on a golden throne with a lightning bolt in his upraised hand. Let go of the fear that you may have angered him and the bolt is aimed at you. Forget for a moment that you feel unaware of His will for your life.



What do you think?

Written by Hadriel Sam


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