"Balding" at Twenty? Don't Fret!

The main areas that seem to be proven to work Hair Revital X Review  are things such as vitamins, minerals and herbs as these can be used to be the building blocks of new and existing hair follicles, and research has shown some in particular to be effective. So lets have a look at them.

Vitamin wise you want to ensure that you are getting B6 in your diet. this vitamin has a good all round effect on the body as it increases oxygen in the blood and is essential for good protein metabolism as well. Following on from that you have biotin which is from the vitamin B complex and is essential for new hair growth.

Mineral wise the main two you need are zinc and magnesium. Zinc is essential for not only a healthy immune system but also the proper functioning of enzymes within the body and magnesium is good for supporting all of the body’s muscles, nerves and bones. A vast majority of people in the western world are short of these minerals and they play a key part in both hair growth and a healthy body.

When it comes to herbs there are quite a few that have been linked to hair growth, but in the main the ones you are looking at are saw palmetto and nettle. Saw palmetto is proving to be very efficient in fighting hair loss as one of the things it does is suppress the DHT levels. DHT in case you are unaware is caused by too much testosterone being produced and DHT then thins the hair follicle until eventually it no longer produces hair. Nettle is also believed to act in a similar way by reducing the amount of testosterone that runs freely around the body.


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