Discover the Common Plantar Warts Removal Methods

Before looking for the best treatment, you have to  Lifting & Firming Cream understand that warts are caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). It can spread through direct and indirect contact with the infected person.  Direct contact is skin to skin contact and indirect contact is sharing personal items of infected person like towels and slippers. This skin growth can appear anywhere on your body in single or in clusters and may bleed if bumped. It is important to find a plantar warts removal method that will work for you.

You should not attempt to remove your warts by cutting or tearing because that would be very dangerous.  Here are some of the common treatments to remove plantar warts:

Over the counter medicine. Salicylic acid is the common over the counter medicine for foot warts.  Choose a product with 40% salicylic acid and follow the warning or safety instructions on the label of the product.  Salicylic acid irritates the warts and softens the skin where the skin growth is located. The thick skin will eventually peel off with regular application of the medicine. This treatment may take time to eliminate the warts.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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