Do You Have a Hearing Loss – Questions to Answer to Determine If You Have Hearing Loss

Many of us who suffer from a hearing loss do not want to admit it. Tinnitus Terminator Review   We want to blame the inability to hear clearly on everything from the noise level in a room to the low volume of the person speaking. But in actuality, these are probably not the reasons you have difficulty hearing certain people or in certain situations, rather it is probably due to a loss of hearing you are experiencing maybe either due to age, illness, or exposing yourself to loud noises in the past.


Nobody wants to be labeled as a person who is hard of hearing. We all imagine an old, bent over man or woman cupping their hand behind their ear and stating “What? What did you say?” And let’s face it, nobody wants to be labeled as old…even if we are up in age.

In actuality, age is all in the mind. I have known people who were in their 80s and looked and acted younger than some in their 50s. But for those people suffering from an uncorrected hearing loss, whether they are 50 or 80, they do look and act older than they need to.



What do you think?

Written by Hadriel Sam


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