How to Lose Weight While Still Eating Your Favorite "Forbidden" Foods? Simply Follow These 2 Rules

1) Start each meal eating a salad. Salads are full of  Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Review    calories that your body loves. Of course since we may not be able to eat salad with every meal, you can always replace that salad with a bowl of good soup; not soup from a can though.


These good calories will crowd the stomach and with the body digesting the good foods, the bad ones you eat throughout the meal will simply pass through the body for the most part. It’s almost like following a salad only diet, except that you can have your favorite meals at the same time. Of course you want to make sure that the salad is a good one though and not one that is loaded with unnecessary elements. Stick to a basic garden fresh salad with a low or non-fat dressing on top.

2) After you have finished your meal, while making sure to save just a little room in your stomach, eat something which is high in fiber. Eat an apple or two or maybe even half of a grapefruit. You will not only get a lot of fiber this way, but you will also be getting plenty of fluids as well.



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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