Stay Clean Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is not only limited to proper diet and working out. It also depends on adopting hygienic habits and keeping yourself tidy and clean. You need to make a routine that can make sure you are always tidy.

Oral Hygiene

If you are thinking that brushing your teeth daily is enough, we are afraid you might be wrong. Flossing is also important and daily to make sure there is no plaque between the teeth.

Without flossing the chances of cavity and gum diseases increase and we all know that is not healthy at all. However, you should know the proper way to floss so there is no gum damage.

Give Attention To Your Feet

Somehow, feet are the most neglected part of our body despite the fact they make us stand and walk. Clean feet are the key to be healthy so you need to pay proper attention to them.

Change your socks daily and make sure to sun the footwear often. This way bacterial and fungal growth will have lesser chances to harm your skin. Soaking feet in warm water weekly as it will remove all the toxins collected in the week over a week. Tea tree oil and lemon can be added in the warm water to reap more benefits.

Clean Hands Are A Secret To Healthy Life

It is no secret that our hands touch a gazillion of things that transfer germs to us. Always wash your hands mindfully. Keep rubbing them for a minimum of 15 seconds while you are at it.

Many times you just wash your hands but what is important to know is drying them matter equally if not more. Drying will get your hands rid of the germs that are still there even after washing.

Menstrual Hygiene Matters

Keep a separate set of panties to use during your periods. If your clothes are stained from blood make sure to wash them with disinfectant and in warm water.

Whenever you change your pad or a tampon wash your self properly. This will help you keep infection and bacteria at the bay.

Keep Your Belly Button Clean

The navel is close to the vital organs inside the body and this is why it is vital to keep it clean. Sweat and dirt keep adding in the belly button if it is not cleaned properly. Keep cleaning it regularly so no germ can hide there.

Cotton buds and soapy water is the best duo to clean your belly button. Remember to rinse it with water afterward.

Say No To Uncooked Food From Outside

Eating salads is healthy but only when you are sure that they are washed properly. Eating cooked food is better from outside but if you are going to eat salads make sure to wash them at home.

Bottom Line

 These simple ways can keep you safe from germs and will enable you to lead a healthy life. You can get so many benefits only by following these easy tips. Staying healthy demands strict measures but once you are used to it they become a part of your routine.


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Written by Daniel S.


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