How to treat chub rub? Find the best 5 remedies here

Thigh chafing can come on quickly. It varies from person to person. Some experience on their inner thighs, underarms, etc. To prevent its symptoms, have a look at the below-mentioned methods to get relief from the problem. This is a combination of OTC treatments as well as the type of clothing. 

It’s important to treat thigh chafing otherwise the problem will get worse. So, just go through the remedies for- how to stop chub rub or thigh chafing? 

●Thigh bands These are small elastic accessories that are worn around thighs to help prevent chafing. These go well with a skirt or a dress where your thighs come into direct contact with one another. Also, you can wear these bands under shorts, pants, and athletic wear. 

●Thigh chafing shorts If you are not up to wearing bands, then you can go with thigh chafing shorts as these provide extra coverage and is a more suitable option. It is similar to thigh bands, the only one thing which makes it different from bands is its capacity to absorb extra sweat. Thigh chafing shorts are best to wear under dresses. 

●Thigh chafing cream or balm Thigh chafing balms or anti-chafing sticks; both are the same. If you are experiencing chub-rub for the first time, then you might need more than shorts or bands to treat the symptoms. So, here such creams can come in handy. These are very easy-to-use stick applicators. The lubricants present in it help to prevent your skin from sticking together. 

●Baby powder Baby powder helps absorb moisture. Not only it prevents moisture but is also useful in preventing thigh chafing. Just apply it to the inner thighs before getting dressed. You can even reapply throughout the day as needed. But beware of talc-based products as these contain scents which may give any side-effect. 

●Lip balm This remedy is useful when you’re on the go and you don’t have any chub-rub stick or other chafing product with you. Lip balms can save you and your day. Applying lip balm over the affected area can protect the soft skin of the thighs. Remember not to use lip gloss, it will not work in the same way as lip balm does. 

I hope you may find all these easy to use remedies highly effective. Stay safe and protect your body.

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