Top 10 Tips to Plan Your Wedding

If you have recently been proposed and are getting married, here’s a complete guide for you to plan the best wedding. Planning a perfect wedding is not an easy affair. It takes a lot of time and effort to start from scratch and take care of all the little things until the end. But even with so much planning, sometimes a bride could panic at the last minute. There could be unexpected issues and could wreak havoc at your wedding. Some of the most common but least unexpected trouble at a wedding could be late arrival of the light and sound team, cake not delivered at the right time and the makeup artist taking too long to finish her job. But worry not, these little tips will help you plan your dream wedding and help you avoid the last-minute nervousness.

1.Make a Time Table

Before you look into other arrangements, it is better id can first chart out your own schedule. Make salon appointments way before the wedding. Talk to the hair and makeup artist about your wedding schedule and keep some buffer time as well. If you are getting your wedding outfit stitched, make sure you get your first trial at least two months before the wedding. Last-minute fittings could turn out to be uncomfortable, but since you ran out of time, you have to wear it. Another advantage of starting early with your outfit is that you will have the time to choose from a variety of options. The more time you will give the boutique, the better the outfit will turn out to be.

2.Book Your Photographer in Advance

When you type in ‘find a wedding photographer near me’, you will get a list of options to choose from. If you are not sure, you can even ask some of your friends who recently got married. When you are short listing your options, make sure you check out their website first. Check for their credibility and previous wedding work. If it’s a reputable wedding photography company, they will have a huge portfolio. Check if their style matches your liking and then make an appointment to meet the photographer. Discuss your requirements and tell them all the possible details. Check for testimonials by other clients on their website to narrow down your options further. A thorough discussion will lead to better clarity, and your photographer will be much more prepared on your big day. Another idea to help you pick a good wedding photographer is to check whether they ask you enough questions and if they have an eye for detail. You will recognise these qualities in the first meeting itself.

3.Assign Someone to Send Out the Wedding Invites

A wedding card is a big affair for Indian weddings. People spend a lot of time and money to pick and choose the best one. Since Indian weddings are expected to be grand with a huge guest list, it is recommended to assign someone to take care of it. Get your best friend or your cousin to sit with your parents to start with the guest list and eventually writing them on the cards. This looks like nothing but is quite a task. From writing the physical address to mailing them out could take a few days. It’s a good idea for the bride to stay out of it as you will be required to get involved in other arrangements for the wedding.

4.Rehearse Beforehand

If you want a perfect entry on the stage, it is recommended that you rehearse well in advance to avoid any goof ups. Sometimes wedding could make the bride and groom, both nervous at the last minute. But, if you have practised enough, it will give you confidence. Also, if you plan to do a coordinated dance with your partner, you should hire a professional choreographer and start well in time. Make sure you match your steps and have fun! It’s important for both the bride and groom to display their smiles more than anything on the big day. If possible, you should also do a dress rehearsal to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

5.Keep Some Cash Handy

Arranging a wedding means having cash in hand is a must. You may have paid your vendors in advance either online or using your card, but on the big day, it’s important to keep enough cash in hand. There may be incidences where you have to pay for some last-minute deals. So, to avoid such hassles, it is recommended to keep that extra cash in hand.

6.Assign Someone to Collect your Gifts

Indian weddings are incomplete without gifts no matter you have mentioned ‘no gifts’ on your wedding card. So, you should ask someone you trust to keep the gifts safe so that you don’t have to worry about them.


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Written by Chamsi Pirson

Chamsi Pirson is a freelance content writer and writes for a variety of  online publications. he actively writes blogs and articles related to business, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and much more. When he's not working, he likes to cook, dance, and travel.


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