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What is hair porosity?

Porosity refers to the hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. This also includes the rate at which water and / or topical products applied to the hair are absorbed by the strands. The more porous your hair is, the more moisture it can contain, making it healthier and easier to manage. Throughout life, porosity can change.

There are three levels of hair porosity, so we will discuss this in more detail.


If someone has high porosity, it means they have a hard time keeping hair hydrated. And, even with regular care, the texture and overall appearance of hair can appear dry … controlling frizz is also more difficult. In fact, the hair cuticle itself shows signs of damage. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the strand. If you looked closely, you would see cracks, cracks, and an uneven texture. A person with high porosity hair can absorb moisture quickly, but can also lose it just as easily. For the hair to retain moisture, the follicle must be “closed”, but in this situation the process is difficult. As we age, hair naturally tends to develop a higher level of porosity. Things that speed up this process are long-term use of chemicals and exposing hair to high heat levels from dryers, flat irons, curling irons etc.


If you have normal porosity, you win! Balanced hair is generally healthy and the follicle can absorb and retain moisture with minimal problems.


When you are young, hair generally has a lower level of porosity. Having low porosity, the hair follicle does not absorb moisture as fast as hair with high porosity. It also means that water and topical products do not easily penetrate hair and have little or no effect. Even if the cuticles are healthy, the hair can still look dry.

There is a test you can do to determine your level of porosity. Get a clear glass and fill it halfway with water. Put a section of your hair in the water and wait about 5-10 minutes. If your hair floats on water, your porosity is LOW. If you crawl in the middle of the water, it has NORMAL porosity. If your thread is sitting at the bottom of the glass, it has HIGH porosity.

Whatever your hair type or texture, hair porosity can be determined in the same way.

If you have high porosity, try applying a deep conditioner or protein treatment to your hair once a week. It will also soothe brittle and damaged hair. Wash the conditioner with cold water, this helps to close the follicle and seal in moisture.

If you have low porosity, try using a vaporizer and apply products rich in moisturizers.

Once the cuticle is damaged, focusing prevents further damage. We know that excessive heat and chemical processes contribute to this damage, if possible begin to eliminate or reduce the frequency of these routines. Try to let your hair air dry overnight. If this is not possible, invest in a hair dryer under which you can sit. Usually it has three temperature settings, choose low or medium if you can. Hair may take longer to dry, but hair health should be the priority.

Also, limit sun exposure, too much direct sunlight on hair can also remove moisture. If you have to stay outside for a long time, cover it with a scarf or hat.

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