Regain your Hair Balance with Arata’s Natural Hair Care Products

For healthy and lively hair, your pH levels need to be balanced. It is possible to do that both naturally and by using hair products. But first, you need to understand what is a healthy pH level and why is it so important.

Understanding the concept of pH levels

By scientific definition, pH scale measure how acidic or basic a solution is. When it comes to your hair pH levels, your scalp determines whether you need an acidic shampoo or basic shampoo. A pH of 7 is considered to be neutral and healthy.

If your pH levels fall below 7 then you need a mild shampoo.

If you use highly chemical-based acidic shampoos it will damage your hair gravely. Don't buy highly acidic shampoos especially if you have a naturally balanced pH level.

Acidic shampoos are good for people with loose pores and for people who have a high alkaline level.

If your pH is above 7 it means your product may be highly alkaline or basic stealing away all the natural hair oils your sebum gland secretes.

People with excessively dry or frizzy or curly hair usually have pH above 7 and their hair cuticles are more open. Whereas, people with straight hair have tightened cuticles. An acidic pH level will just be like an extremely tight hair tie.

Many hair care products disrupt the pH balance of your scalp causing all sorts of hair problems. Stick to using natural hair care products and home remedies for a healthy pH balance.

If you already have a good pH balance then natural products or products ranging from 5-7 on pH scale will help you maintain the healthiness.

People with colored hair need to be even more cautious of their range of hair care products. Make sure you check if the contents of shampoo, oil or conditioner are suitable for your colored hair.

How can you maintain or regain the balance of your hair naturally?

Always choose pH balanced shampoos and use leave-in conditioners for better results.

Read labels and be aware of your requirements, whether you have frizzy hair, colored hair or too oily hair.

Oiling your hair regularly is important but if you already have oily hair then try using aloe-vera gel instead. Spray aloe vera gel all over your hair it will reduce the acid levels of your scalp.

People with straight hair don't need to use extra products, their pH levels are usually balanced.

If you have colored hair or damaged hair avoid using too many styling products or heating irons. If you don't have any other option then choose plant-powered hair gels and hair creams.

Arata provides you with Stying hair cream and Styling hair gel which are crafted with 100% natural ingredients which won't harm your hair unlike chemical styling gels, rather they will replenish the natural fibers and oils you have in your scalp.

What's the role of pH balance in hair growth?

Imbalance in your pH levels can cause hair fall or halt hair growth after a certain point. People who have pretty and long hair usually have better pH levels.

Gentle massages improve blood circulation which can naturally stimulate hair growth. The Arata Nourishing Hempocado Oil  is filled with nourishing vitamins and minerals which reduce the damage done to hair. It contains all the natural mild fatty acids you require.

Arata's hair care oil is the best when it comes to multi-tasking. It will reduce the damage, stimulate better hair growth and improve the quality of hair by reduces frizziness.

If you stick to hair care products that are fitting to your hair type your hair can regrow naturally.

Any super-fast way to regrow hair is either hair extensions or chemical-based treatments that will cause long-term harm. It is always better to stick with natural products which will give long-lasting effects.

The Arata Nourishing Hair Conditioner soothes your scalp and breathes new life into your hair.

The entire Arata Hair Care Range is specially crafted to rekindle the natural beauty of your hair. They maximize your benefits with every product.

 Sticking with a natural hair care range is just like finding home remedies that will yield you healthy and lively hair.


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Written by Ankita Singh

Hey folks! I am a fashion & beauty blogger who just started writing about natural beauty products realted to skin care, body care & hair care. I also love to share reviews about natural beauty brands in India.


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