5 must know Bathing Tips to Feel refreshed through the Day

Personal hygiene is a very important aspect of maintaining our health and a good bath or shower routine, when followed effectively, can help a lot in the process of doing so. Read on to know these natural bathing tips that could be your secret to glowing skin!

How do you take a bath properly?

  1. Clean your bathtub before stepping in. Wipe any residual water or soap using a cloth or a paper towel.
  2. Fill the tub with lukewarm water, but not extremely hot water since it might dry your skin out, or even worse, burn it.
  3. Once you’ve stepped in, put a generous amount of body cleanser on a loofah and lather it on your skin. Be careful not to over exfoliate.
  4. Relax, read a book, watch a series, or sip some wine. This is your personal time!
  5. Once you’re done, wash the shower gel off, dry your body with a clean towel, and don’t forget to apply body lotion.

Are you supposed to bathe everyday?

Contrary to popular belief, taking a bath too often can actually dry out your skin, also making it vulnerable to other skin problems. If you work out multiple times in a day or spend long hours outside and come home sweating, bathing twice a day, following natural bathing tips might be a good option, but otherwise, it’s not really necessary.

Some dermatologists even recommend taking a bath once in every 2-3 days with a natural body cleanser if you don’t feel unclean, since over washing can dry out skin, and could even destroy good bacteria from the skin.

In conclusion, how often you decide to bathe is a personal choice, but if not needed, do  not over wash since it can cause irritation to your skin.

How can I get soft skin in Bath?

Some people suggest adding coconut oil or cream, or milk to their bath for soft, smooth skin. Coconut products not only soften the skin, but also provide a subtle, fresh aroma to the bath. We all know the benefits of milk- it contains lactic acid that provides gentle exfoliation, healthy fats, proteins, and vitamins and minerals. For best results and that extra nourishment, you can add milk and some honey with an essential oil of your choice. It’s believed that taking a milk bath once in a while can leave your skin really soft, smooth and glowing naturally.

Essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree oil can also help to attain softer skin, as well as help in breathing better, boost your mood and improve the immune system in general, and that’s the reason so many people prefer putting a few drops of essential oils in their bath.

Can soaking in a bath hydrate you?

Even though many people believe that soaking in a bath helps to keep their skin hydrated, there is not much scientific evidence to support it. Actually, soaking in a tub all day has the potential to cause more harm than good.

But following a few natural bathing tips like using an organic body wash to cleanse your body and moisturizing with natural products like the Arata Body Care Range nourishes your skin, hair and eyes. Since our body is mostly made of water, drinking, taking a steam or soaking can be beneficial to keep the body hydrated.

What can I put in my bath water to relax?

To relax during a bath, make Arata body care products your best friend, since they’re built with an all-natural formula that is super-friendly on your skin. Start off by lathering some of their organic body wash, that provides a rich lather, and leaves your skin soft, smooth and renewed, and follow some simple natural bathing tips as mentioned above. You can also add some bubble bath or a bath bomb for that extra pampering, and light some relaxing candles for aromatherapy. You can also use diluted essential oils with calming and healing properties, like eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, or any other scent of your choice.

Apply the Arata Body Care body lotion immediately after taking  a bath so that it can lock the hydration well.


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Written by Ankita Singh

Hey folks! I am a fashion & beauty blogger who just started writing about natural beauty products realted to skin care, body care & hair care. I also love to share reviews about natural beauty brands in India.


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