Lip does not stick to mask. Can do without fear of mess

The era of having to protect yourself by wearing a mask all the time But women like us will still secretly paint their lips with habit Plus, when removing the mask, it is more confident than the fresh face as well. # Accept, but the problem is that many people apply the lip. Always stuck on a mask! In addition to the lip color will disappear. Also difficult to wash So today we have a lip without a mask, let's introduce each other!

1.Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink

Cheap and good are real Mabel's popular version of lip matt. It is a model that has many shades to choose from. Plus, it has been applied and is completely matted, does not stick to the mask as well, anyone can call her lip kiss. Put on the mask and survive comfortably and crunchy, the price is about 249 baht.

2.Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue

Luxury lip like Chanel Also have a super cool lip that is applied and does not stick to the mask as well This model will have 2 sides, one side is a lip matte. The other side will be lip gloss. Recommend to apply it in pairs. The lip-matte side has a lot of beautiful colors to choose from, and when applying the gloss over it, it looks beautiful like a good person, the price is about 1,450 baht.

3.Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Lip color, clear color, long-lasting, is a model that many people confirm that the kiss does not fall off, the matte pigment texture is clear, completely covers the lip color, there are many colors to choose from as well. Especially anyone who likes exotic lip colors Made and not attached to the mask, the price is about 735 baht.

4.L’oréal Rouge Signature Matte Lip Ink

Beautiful lip color, affordable. It does not wear heavy on the lips, there are many beautiful shades that can be used in everyday life that make you dizzy. Plus a beautiful matte texture Apply and do not attach the mask as well. Anyone who wants to get a cheap and good lip color, beautiful color, go and try it.

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