How to get rid of blackheads That was done to see real good results.

Acne is a problem that bother many women, whether it is inflammation, redness, blackheads, pimples. Or even blackheads If it happened on someone's face I probably have to worry and want to get rid of blackheads from my face quickly. But what to do? Acne won't go away once. Today we have a simple way to get rid of blackheads. And get results for leave What can you do? Let's see.

1. Use a brush to clean your face.

The recommended cleaning brush is Electric brush that uses vibration to clean the face. With a sonic wave that vibrates while gently rubbing the brush The face area will make the frequency that occurs. To dissolve all the dirt on the face to come off Which the aforementioned face cleaner is quite expensive But excellent usability

2. Regular mask with mud

A weekly mud mask specifically used for removing blackheads will help treat acne as well. By mud masks when exposed to the skin and wait for the mud to dry. Will cause various acne That stuck tightly come off with a mud mask Here, the bothering blackheads will gradually disappear.

3. Wash your face with warm water alternating with cold water.

Washing your face with warm water alternating with cold water. This will help to open up our pores. Starting from washing with warm water first While washing your face, make a gentle massage. Over the face To help open the pores And helps pimples out easily Then wash your face with cold water. To tighten pores to be smaller enough

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