Rid Your Body of Toxins With Ionic Foot Baths

Most people don't know what toxins actually do to    Fungus Eliminator Review   our bodies. Toxins actually steal oxygen from our body and weaken our lymphatic system. Our brain naturally has a protective barrier that helps defend itself against toxins, meanwhile the heart is busy trying to push this poison as far away from it as possible. This is why the Ionic Foot Baths are extremely effective. The lower portion of your body is where all of these toxins accumulate.

How will the Ionic Foot Bath help me?

Renovati Cleanse foot baths have been designed to do a number of things for you from cleansing your body of toxic metals, yeast and other chemicals to strengthening your immune and lymphatic system. With every detox session your body's lymph fluid will become cleaner which leads to increased oxygenation and overall health. Other benefits include but are not limited to improved sleep patterns, decreased pain in various parts of their body and even arthritis pain.

How do Ionic Foot Bath's work?

The body consists of nearly 80% water which is almost a perfect balance of positive and negative ions. When you submerge your body or a body part in water, the vibrations of the water affect the vibration frequency of the body due to interactions of electrical and magnetic fields.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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