Experience Higher Benefits With ICO Community Marketing

Enhance the offerings of your project to your target market by indulging in ICO Community marketing. Get positive solutions that will create an instant impact from Blockchain App Factory.

Some of the Benefits of ICO Community Marketing

  • Helps in ensuring the success of your products – Based on the community approached, a company can receive initial feedback about the product. Before indulging in a widespread launch, a firm can make certain tweaks in the product ,especially in the technical and structural features. Thus, it leads to better chances of success.
  • Connecting with the target audience – Through community marketing, the target audience will know about a product’s features by getting access to all the important information. They will be motivated by the benefits offered. By sharing knowledge, the target audience would be treated well. This would generate a positive buzz and help in driving more customers onboard.
  • Expanding public relations – As a company’s operational scope increases, community marketing helps in getting a successful ICO. It ticks the right boxes as it is planned and affordable. This will ultimately lead to better chances of raising a higher amount of funds.

How to Execute ICO Community Marketing

  • Initiate discussions in well-known forums such as Bitcointalk and Cryptojunctions.
  • Offer your thoughts on the cryptocurrency industry in various social media pages.
  • Engage your users by posting different forms of content such as articles, newsletters, blogs and videos.
  • Provide incentives such as rewards and badges for regular users.
  • Establish competitions which consist of a set of challenging tasks.

Follow all the above tips sincerely for getting positive results in a short period.


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