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I have been having a crappy week so I decided I need a light and fluffy read. I found this while I was looking and thought I’d give it a try. I like the name and maybe it’s just me but the girl on the cover reminds me of Jennifer Finnegan. I’ll admit that I preferred her Bridget on B&B. Anyhoo I also can’t really hate a book where the main character reads and has a blog. I also love the name of her blog which happens to be Pastel Is The New Black.

I love that this book has good friendships. Caroline doesn’t play as big a role but Bridget is a part of a pretty decent portion of the book. She’s Kim’s best friend from high school and their tenth year high school is nearly upon them. They decide to go. This is where I point out that you should think twice about that. I don’t regret not going. I didn’t like high school the first time so why would I go back unless I wanted to get the ten bucks backs from the guy that borrowed it from me.


Kim’s a secretary and she runs her blog which she enjoys. There’s also a guy at work she likes. I have to admit that I’m not really crazy about how the Nicholas thing came around and the thing that happened but I was more annoyed with him at first but you end up understanding why he did what he did. He did end up growing on me. Kim’s world gets a little topsy turvy when she hears from the bitch AKA Hanna that she went to high school with that loved to torment her. I’m sure we all have encountered the type. She is a bitch in a more subtle way so the torment was a lot less horrible than other people and I was thinking about my tormentors in school. I feel bad for kids that go to school now with everyone owning a cellphone that takes pictures and videos along with social media. It must be a real nightmare for the kids who are tormented.

I didn’t like Kim’s sister at all. You would think she’d be on Team Kim instead of Team Hannah. She totally has a girl crush on this person who doesn’t seem like a great person at all after all there is that saying about leopards and spots. I did love the mom. One of my favorite parts of this part involved her reaction to Kim giving her some news. It was funny. I did laugh during this book. Another favorite part was when Kim went to a spa with her two friends. I have to admit that if I was in Kim’s place I’m not so sure I would do the same thing she did in regards to dealing with reviewing Hannah’s book. This was a fun book that is idea for reading after something heavy or if you just need a lift. I look forward to reading more. I do believe there’s another book set in this world so I hope to get to it. I just don’t know when since I have books to read and review.





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