Book Review: The Fourth Protocol

John Preston, A senior officer at the MI5 of the British Intelligence system is constantly tossed around to various section by the Deputy head of the MI5 who is nothing but a political animal who wants to secure his position and keep away anyone who is faithful to the current chief of MI5.But as luck would have it, John Preston keeps running into instances which point to a plot to destabilize the British political machinery and disrupt its relationships with USA.

There are people out there, bad people who plan to break the fourth protocol; which if broken would lead to severe damage to property, resources and a great loss of lives. And then there are people who hold the strings and make others play and it is these people who help Preston through his mission. He has to deal with the foreign agencies and people who are trying to harm his motherland and also his own countrymen whose intentions he cannot be sure about.

A thriller which will give you Goosebumps as it goes through the well crafted twists and turns which at last lead to the triumph of the righteous.

Fredrick's attention to detail is simply awe-inspiring, one gets insights into the Russian and British intelligence systems like never before. At times, one may find the book lengthy viz Philby's well drafted letter which goes beyond four pages. But nevertheless, it is done in a typical forsyth style.

All in all a good engaging read and if you love the international drama involving secret agencies and men of valor, skill and strength then this be sure not to miss this book.

Teaser: Trivia from the book 
Ian Flemming's James Bond series depict the chief of SIS as ‘M'  although it should be ‘C' taken from the initials of the last name of the first chief of SIS. 
There is a movie based on the book with the same title and stars Pierce Brosnan and Micheal Cane.
Check out IMDB (click on the link) for more details.


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