Book – Panic By  Lauren Oliver

Genre – Young adult , Contemporary

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars

Publisher – HarperCollins Publishers



”     THE WATER WAS SO COLD IT TOOK HEATHER'S BREATH away as she fought past the kids crowding the beach and standing in the shallows, waving towels and homemade signs, cheering and calling up to the remaining jumpers.
She took a deep breath and went under. The sound of voices, of shouting and laughter, was immediately muted.
Only one voice stayed with her.
I didn't mean for it to happen.   “

                                     – Chapter 1 from Panic by Lauren Oliver



The opening lines of Panic-the latest book by bestselling author Lauren Oliver , is enough to arouse a sense of thrill in the minds of readers. The author, who is well known for her dystopian trilogy which includes Delirium , Pandemonium and Requiem has ventured out in the contemporary genre with a very interesting and gripping plot, which captures the attention of the readers from the very beginning.


The book deals with a bunch of recent graduated kids who live in a small town called Carp and play a dangerous game called Panic. It is a game which demands the players to attempt the most dangerous and daring tasks. The game goes on all summer, at the end of which the winner gets to take away the pot which usually amounts to a little over $50,000.

The story is narrated by two of the main characters – Heather and Dodge. It also has Bishop and Nat as the main characters. Its a plot that revolves around these 4 kids and how each of them have their own share of secrets , which is revealed as the story unfolds. The challenges faced in the game are not just difficult and intense, but life threatening for the most part. With the excitement of the games, the events that take place in their personal lives is also something to look out for.

The book deals with love and heartbreaks, joy and sadness, curiosity and eagerness, courage and fear, anxiety and hopefulness . Lauren Oliver's writing is easy to grasp and thus makes the book a fast pace read .The thrill element is kept intact till the very end of the book and leaves the reader with wanting more of the story.


This being my first read of any  Lauren Oliver book, I am more than happy to say, I am looking forward to reading more of her books. I recommend this book to you, if you are in for some fun and wish to spend the summer with the kids of Carp as they unveil their secrets.


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Written by Rinki


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