Book – The Selection


Genre – Young Adult

Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars

Publisher – HarperTeen


The Selection is the first book in the Selection Trilogy, written by  NY Times Bestselling author, Kiera Cass. Hailing from South Carolina, the author has made a promising debut in the writing world with this book. Creating a world which is far ahead of our time and having rules that are almost unimaginable, this book promises to keep you hooked till the very end.



Here in this world, there are new rules, new ways in which people lead their lives. They are segregated into classes and they are required to work as per their class. America Singer, the protagonist, is a Five, which allows her to take up a career either in art or music, but nothing else. She takes up music just like her mother, while her father is an artist. But the pay isn't enough to feed the family of five including her younger sister May and younger brother Gerad.

In Illea the country in which she resides, it is customary for the crown Prince to choose his wife, his soul-mate from among the citizen. A contest called the Selection is held, where any girl eligible could contest, irrespective of her class. Troubled by the limited income of her family, America unwillingly enters the contest.

On being Selected, she is confident that she will never get too far in the contest and will still be able to marry her Secret lover , Aspen, a Six

However, after meeting the Crown Prince, Maxon and becoming his friend, his confidant, America is left to wonder whether she has feeling for the prince, whether she can ever forget her first love and whether she can ever adopt to the lifestyle of a One.

America, a simple girl who doesn't feel confident when in front of a large crowd, a girl who is more comfortable in her pants than in a highly gorgeous dress, is left torn between her first love and her new found friend for whom she might have feelings.

Kiera Cass portrays the journey that America Singer goes through and leaves us craving for more. My excitement for wanting to read this book for so long, didn't prove to be wrong and thus I'm eagerly waiting to read the next book in the trilogy – The Elite, to know what happens next, in America's life.

If you are interested in a novel that deals with realistic issues of poverty and at the same time strikes a spark of romance, then this is the book for you.



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Written by Rinki


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