Textwriter Review: Is Textwriter worth it?

Textwriter is one of the new entrants in the content creation industry. The company offers all types of content from blog posts, eBook writing, white papers, web pages, etc.


Being a new company, I was skeptical at first to try out the website. I searched online for reviews but I was not able to find any. So, I was not able to place an order with them at first.

As a self-publisher, I have always been using Upwork for finding a ghostwriter for my e-book. Of course, the time factor and the technicality part of the book.

One day, I was having a conversation with a fellow self-publisher and he told me he had ordered his second book from the company and they had delivered as promised. As a matter of fact, for his first book, he had received a free cover design from the company as his welcome bonus.

So, I decided to give the website a try. I ordered a 15,000-word book to gauge the quality, effectiveness, and communication from the website. When trying out a website, try and first order a lesser word count first, while trying to find out the quality that you will get from the website.


What I noticed about the quality of the book I received was that it was much superior from what I was getting from Upwork. However, when ordering a book from this website, I highly encourage you to either order from Tier 2 or Tier 3. Tier 1 will give you a low-quality book, that you do not want.


After placing my first order, I received communication from the support team after 6 hours, which is great. They inquired whether there was anything that I had missed from the book and also whether there is something else I would love included, which I found to be great.


While the quality of the book was great, I had a slight issue with the delivery time of the book. After placing an order, I received a delivery of the book after 20 days, which I believe is somewhat slow. The company should definitely work on this.

Is Textwriter worth it?

Textwriter is definitely worth. Considering the quality of the book that you will receive in comparison to the few day’s delays, Textwriter is definitely worth the shot. On top of that, they also offer cover designs for your book, hence instead of creating one on KDP, I highly encourage you to have one professionally done by the website or you can outsource the services on sites such as Fivver at a much cheaper price.



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Written by Mike Rashford

Mike Rashford is an experienced digital marketer and blogger. He has been featured on numerous leading media outlets such as Buzzfeed and Techcrunch.


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