Eating Healthier – Food Makeovers to Lose Weight and Feel Better

Healthy food recipes are hiding in the cookbooks you already have.  The Beta Switch Review   All you need to do is upgrade ingredients to turn fat-building choices into the best diet. Think of this as stepping up your food to a higher level. Fortunately, supermarkets are bowing to consumer demand and stocking all kinds of health-friendly choices.Your healthy eating plan can include favorite comfort foods, but with a twist in ingredients to replace processed and animal foods with whole plant foods. Relax, get creative, and explore new ways to prepare fast and healthy meals and snacks.


Although your improved recipes may taste unfamiliar at first, give your taste buds a few weeks to adjust. Within that short time, you should start to prefer your new choices.Here are some fast, easy ways to start with simple foods you may already eat frequently.

Cereal – Cereal is a convenient way to start the day and can be a great snack any time. Forget sugary cereals with estrogen-laden cow’s milk.

First, your cereal should be whole grain. You cannot figure out if a cereal is whole grain by reading the front of the box or meaningless slogans from the manufacturer. You must read the ingredients. The first ingredient should be some kind of whole grain such as whole wheat, brown rice, or whole oat flour.



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Written by Hadriel Sam


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