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Flash technology has ruled multimedia for over two decades but with the entry of HTML5, it is losing its significance. The latter has had tremendous support from iOS and Google Chrome which has initiated a wave of change. Flash developers are planning to migrate to the other side and work on developing their HTML5 skills. Since most of the browsers are not supporting Flash technology anymore, it is essential to convert FLASH TO HTML5 for better eLearning support.

Make your work more accessible to the Readers with HTML5

HTML’s latest version, HTML5 comes with the much-needed update which is alluring everyone to develop their content on it. Flash revolutionized the entire multimedia platform by giving the developers an opportunity to manipulate graphics with its language, ActionScript. It also allows the developers to create interactive websites and publish Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) without extensive knowledge of coding. Irrespective of these factors, the shift from Flash to HTML5 has become imperative.

One of the biggest advantages that HTML5 has over Flash technology is that it is more accessible. We are living in a world that is physically moving and this has become our constant state. We prefer to enter the World Wide Web more through mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets than a desktop. HTML5 is highly compatible with these gadgets which is not a possibility with Flash. If you CONVERT FLASH TO HTML5, your eLearning material will become available on smartphones, tablets, eReaders like Kindle and Nook which is not possible if you develop your content using Flash technology. Along with this, Apple has always been wary of Flash. Their latest tablets and smartphones do not support anything built using Flash technology. All these factors contribute to making HTML5 a more accessible platform.

eLearning Solutions with HTML5

World Wide Web Consortium and Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group has put together HTML5 to provide better ELEARNING SOLUTIONS. HTML has always been a part of learning solutions but its newest progeny can take the world of words to a whole new level. Without the need of creating extensive plug-ins, HTML5 is able to merge rich media into the content. It has various elements that contribute to better ELEARNING SOLUTIONS. Here are some of the advantages of using HTML5 in eLearning:

Integrated Content

It is easier to develop interactive content with the help of HTML5 as it includes CSS3 and JavaScript. Now, you can easily embed images, animation and other forms of multimedia into the text to make it more receptive. Developing online courses has proven to be more beneficial using HTML5. Pictorial presentation allows the readers to have a better understanding. It enables the writers to express themselves more creatively.


There are two types of semantics offered by HTML5 for better ELEARNING SOLUTIONS — text level tags and structural tags. These new semantics can be employed to define different elements of a webpage or an eBook. Your text will have a better structural presentation, allowing the data to be shared across enterprises and applications. The new semantically meaningful tags let search engines to identify the correct text. Your readers will be able to find your content more easily in the web maze.

Compatibility with Devices

It cannot be stressed enough that one of the contributing factors in the success of HTML5 is its compatibility with several portable gadgets. This is one of the best ELEARNING SOLUTIONS provided by it. Now, the user can read the text on their smartphones and tablets as they move along. They don’t need to distance themselves from their reading anymore.

Offline Storage

In addition to being available on various devices, HTML5 allows the readers to store data in the offline mode. This gives the readers the opportunity to have access to the data even when they are in remote areas or not linked to the internet. They will stay connected with your content. 

Personalizing the Material

In both, offline and online modes, HTML5 allows the learners to create bookmarks and leave comments effortlessly. The experience is identical to reading a hardcopy. You can create notes and make your study material as personalized as you need. This has been proven effective in eLearning.

Multimedia Access

Unlike Flash, HTML5 doesn’t require a third-party plug-in. You can stream the audio and video embedded into the content on all the major web browsers. You can even build custom players using JavaScript on HTML5.

HTML5 for Corporate eLearning

Corporate learning has moved beyond a standard classroom model. Your new instructor is not a person but a herd of digital tools. You can create entire Learning Management Systems (LMSs) using these tools to equip your staff with better skills and knowledge. CORPORATE ELEARNING SOLUTIONS, provided by HTML5 are comprehensive in nature. With the help of this latest technology, you can develop text in a single responsive language with respect to the universal working standard.

HTML5 enables the use of various custom authority tools like FlexJS, Swiffy, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora Inspire as per the requirement of the content. YouTube, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, and Apple; all prefer HTML5 over Flash, indicating that this shift is inevitable. In order to keep up with the world, this shift is necessary.  

Crossover to HTML5 from Flash to make eLearning Comfortable

HTML5 has still not become an everyday jargon. FLASH TO HTML5 CONVERSION SERVICES can support you in extracting crucial information built using Flash and convert it to HTML5. The semantics of HTML5 will make your rudimentary content more user-friendly, rich in graphics and interactive. Your data will become handy which will expedite eLearning. You can also expect to strengthen your content with a desirable presentation in the form of explanatory audios and videos which are crucial when you are imparting knowledge by eliminating an instructor.

At SunTec Digital, you will get the support of a highly specialized team that will build your entire content on HTML5 using the latest versions of SCORM (v1.2) and AICC. Our specialists can convert Flash content and make it more accessible. Our team will ensure that the eLearning solutions provided to you are at par with the global standards. Our graphic designers will work on the UI of your content and support it with rich multimedia. Facilitate corporate eLearning by employing our FLASH TO HTML5 CONVERSION SERVICES. If you require further information, please, feel free to drop us an email at


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Written by Rohit

Rohit is the Senior Product Manager at SunTec Digital, a Digital Publishing Solutions provider with an industry experience of over 20 years. SunTec Digital helps publishers transform and manage Omni-channel digital content for an array of industries globally.

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