Raise Good Cholesterol and Raise Your Level of Health – Here's How You Do It

In order to raise good cholesterol levels, also known as HDL levels  Omega 3-7-9 Krill Review   or high density lipoproteins, you need good foods or the nutrients found within them. Ideally, your HDL level would be over 50 and your LDL level would be lower than 129.

If your blood profiles show that your HDL is below 35, then you need to make some changes in your diet and take a good dietary supplement. It is important that there be a large number of circulating HDL particles, because they help to “clean up” the bloodstream, preventing fats from clogging the arteries and gathering up LDL particles to return them to the liver for reprocessing.LDL particles contain less protein and they are less dense. They are able to penetrate through the endothelium lining of the arteries and blood vessels. Once inside the lining, they can become oxidized or hardened. That is how the formation of plaques begins.

As the plaques build up, the arteries become harder, less flexible. The blood pressure rises as the heart works harder to push blood to the extremities. People with hardening of the arteries experience weakness when they participate in physical activity. The condition is common in older people.If you can raise good cholesterol levels, then hardening of the arteries and the heart disease that it causes may be avoidable. So, how do we do that?


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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