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Negative Forces Revealed

According to ancient Kabbalistic teachings, man can easily achieve Manifestation Code System Review their fondest dreams by following the positive forces that God used to create the world. These positive energies comes in the form of virtues that the Divine molded together to let this world come to be. Kabbalah states that man has the ability to surpass challenges and achieve the peak of their life. The path of greatness and success is easy if you stick with the teachings of Kabbalistic gurus.

But a coin has two faces – if there are positive forces that man can tap into to shape their life according to their will, negative forces also exists to bring us down. These negative forces are believed to come from the unknown, but truth be told, it can also come from those around us – our family, friends, office mates, and so on.

Negative forces are the epitome of imbalance and chaos. Man has always been subjected to these negative energies – but in some ways protected due to their belief. If you are one of those few that don't know that these negative energies exist – then you are sitting ducks to its effects.


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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