Exercise Alone Does Not Always Lead to Weight Loss

Methods of losing weight are among the most talked about topics in   Aaptiv Fitness Program Review the United States. Most would agree that the most successful way of losing weight is through the change of eating habits and engaging in exercise. These two things together work to maximize the amount of weight a person can lose. However, it has also been questioned that if exercise is so effective with a modified diet, can it also be beneficial for those who don’t desire to change their eating habits. Can weight loss occur with just exercise, and not diet modification?

A study was done by the University of Colorado Medical School in attempt to answer this question regarding weight loss. The study gathered research from three groups of people who were monitored while doing minor exercise. The three groups included an athletic group of people with lean muscle tone, a group of rather sedentary people who had lean body mass and a second sedentary group who had obese body mass. The researchers were most interested in the effects of the study on those who were athletic with lean muscles. Each group’s body was measured in several different outputs during the course of the study, but most importantly, how their bodies reacted after engaging in light or moderate exercise for 24 hour period


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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