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Hey, friends today we brought a bedtime Story for your kids which they should read before going to there bed. In this story, they will get to learn good moral values. 

It is a matter of fact that a jackal lived in a very dense forest. The Clever jackal often roamed the forest.  He used to hunt and fill his stomach. 

One day, the jackal was very hungry and was wandering in the forest for hunting.  Then he saw a dead elephant in the forest. The jackal was so happy to see the dead elephant that there was no place for his happiness. 

He went close to the elephant and began to bite the elephant with his teeth, but the elephant's skin was so thick that the wolf's teeth could not tear it. He tried hard to rip off the elephant's skin but failed.

He kept looking at the elephant and kept thinking. He was wondering how I should eat the flesh of this elephant.

Lion's Entry:-  

Jackal was looking for ways to rip elephant flesh. Then he saw a lion coming from the front. Seeing the lion, Jackal thought, why don't I get my work done by this lion? 

As soon as the lion came to the jackal, the jackal bowed his head and said to the lion, King I have hunted for you. Bless me by eating this prey. 

The lion listened to the jackal and was happy and glad. He said to the jackal, you have hunted for me. I am very happy with this.  But I am the king of this forest and being the king, it becomes my responsibility that I hunt and eat for myself. 

And anyway, I do not consider hunting of any other animal as my prey and that is why I cannot eat it. You hunted me thanks for that. The Clever Jackal was very happy to hear this thing of a lion but it was also going on in his mind that how can he rip this elephant skin know. He again starts looking for ways to rip elephant skin.

Tiger's entry:- 

Jackal was thinking of some solution that tiger came there once.  The tiger was very tempted to see the elephant and was eager to eat it.

On seeing the tiger, a fear sat in the jackal's mind.  He thought that if this part started eating the elephant then that whole elephant would eat alone and nothing would be left for me. The jackal used his intelligence and told the tiger not to eat this elephant. Did Tiger ask very comfortably why? jackal again used his intelligence and said to the tiger that this elephant has been hunted by a lion and kept me here so that no other animals can eat this elephant. On hearing the lion's name, the tiger got scared and panicked and ran away.

Leopard entry:- 

The tiger had just run away when a leopard came from the other side. The crafty jackal got confused on seeing the leopard. Seeing the leopard, he thought that the leopard's teeth are so sharp that he can rip anything, so why don't I do something that the leopard rips the hard skin of the elephant with his sharp teeth and then cannot even eat the elephant. Jackal cleverly called leopard to himself and asked very comfortably, how are you doing, brother? The leopard told the jackal that since morning I have been going here and there in the whole forest, but I have not found any prey and I am very hungry.  Then the leopard saw the elephant.  He asked the jackal, who killed such a big elephant, could it not be your job? The jackal again cleverly turned the talk around.  He told the leopard that it was not my work but the work of the lion king of the forest. As soon as he heard the lion, the leopard got scared and started looking around. He asked Jackal, where is the lion that is not around?

jackal told leopard no, the lion has gone to drink water. Leopard asked Jackal, what are you doing here?  The jackal said that I am watching the elephant here so that no other animals can eat it.

Seeing the elephant, the leopard's mouth was watery and the jackal had learned this. jackal cleverly said to leopard, if you want to eat it, you can eat it? I will not tell anyone.

The leopard said to the jackal, if it is a lion hunt then I cannot eat it because I have to live more and if the lion comes to know that I have eaten his prey then the lion will not leave me alive.

The jackal again used his cunning and told the leopard that The lion has kept me here to guard it, so if you want, you can eat some of it. I will not tell the lion.

The leopard was still panicking when the jackal comforted the leopard and said that if you want to eat from it then you can eat and if I see the lion coming, I will tell you, and as soon as I tell you from here run away. At first, the leopard refused to eat the flesh of the elephant in fear.  Then he came to the jackal's words and after believing the jackal's words, he agreed to eat the elephant's flesh. The leopard did not take any time to rip the thick skin of the elephant. He ripped the thick skin of the elephant with his sharp teeth. And as soon as the leopard cut the elephant's foreskin, the jackal gave the voice that the runaway lion arrived and the leopard was a runaway as soon as he heard the lion's talk. The jackal was overjoyed to see the leopard running away. As soon as the leopard ran, the jackal started eating the elephant.  He ate the elephant for many days and did not even need to hunt it for many days. 

Moral of the story:- That is why it is said that even the toughest tasks are done very easily by the use of intelligence.

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Written by Deepak Tiwari

Hey, I am a writer. I love to read new content around me.

A writter always wonder to show his stories to the world and that's what I am doing.

I have a website knows as bedtimestoriesz where I share my own stories written by me hope someone is reading it and like my writing.


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