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Today, new rules of e-commerce have changed how old and new businesses work, how they market themselves, how they attract and maintain new businesses, and how they sell.


These changes primarily apply to small and medium-size businesses, which are the heartbeat of the U.S. economy. The Small Business Administration estimates that there are upward of 28 million small- to medium-size businesses in the country, the overwhelming majority of which have no employees or very few employees.


That generally translates into two things. First, that they do not have large budgets for essential things such as marketing. Second, it means that they need to cast the net wide to attract customers from wherever they can.


Today’s business realities are also different from the old ways in two different aspects. First, businesses were more local than they are today and they used to attract customers by word of mouth. That is no longer the case. Businesses have expanded their base. Second, the use of Internet services and mobile devices have changed. If a business owner in the past could design his or her own web site using off-the-shelf software that is no longer the case.


In states where businesses opportunities are still ripe, that can be translated into massive opportunities. One such state is Utah, which the Forbes magazine labeled as the best state in the country in 2014 to open new businesses.


What that means for Utah web design companies, is that by providing affordable custom web design services to business in and beyond Utah, they can expand their own reach and contribute to the state’s economic development.


Companies offering professional web design in Utah can also be a catalyst for individual and larger companies wanting to move to Utah, which has surplus labor and lower business costs, compared to many other states in the country.


Utah’s custom web design companies are also cognizant of the fact that in this day and age of Internet, offering a good web site is not. First, the definition of “good” has changed. Businesses can no longer afford to just give bland and static web sites. The younger generation needs more “snazzy” sites to look at, to interact with, and to shop from. Last but not least, the web site needs to be available through high-speed bandwidth so potential buyers do not have to sit around for a long time waiting for their credit card transaction to go through.


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