What Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing Packers Movers

Everyone know how moving is stressful. Needless to mention that moving to a new place can be tremendously traumatic, time-consuming, difficult and expensive. We all know about the hassles and difficulties in the moving process.

Professional moving companies aka packers and movers are supposed to make the moving process easier, smoother and less stressful. But when we make the wrong choice on hiring packers and movers for house moving, the circumstance can be even more stressful and daunting.  It can be quite a nightmare if you are not prepared and organized for your upcoming move.

People often tend to make bad decision in hopes of cutting the moving costs and save time. Here are five things to consider when choosing a company of movers and packers for your next house move.

Thoroughly Research Packers and Movers

It is often advised that we should get recommendations from friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors when looking for a company of packers and movers. But it does not makes a sense to close your eyes and trust recommendations to hire moving service. I am not saying that you should not get recommendations form your friends or family members.

If you do follow through recommendations, do also all the due diligence in terms of research anyway. I mean you need to do research packers and movers thoroughly before choosing one. Don’t trust a moving company without verifying its credentials on your own even if it is recommended by one of your close friends or family members.

Get in-home estimates in writing

Let’s say you have shortlisted 3 packers and movers in your city and each one has given you approx. charges by phone or email.  Don’t get settled with such initial moving estimates. These are called non-binding estimates and the actual figure may go higher.

Your aim should be getting in-home estimates in writing. Ask each of shortlisted packers and movers to conduct a pre-move survey. Good companies will be happy to evaluate the volume of your belongings by conducting a pre-move survey.

After evaluation of your belongings and move circumstance, movers and packers will provide you price estimates. Make sure they are willing to put commitment in writing. Reach the terms and conditions mentioned on the contract thoroughly. If you have any doubt then don’t hesitate to make it clear before signing the contract. Also remember, given moving price estimates must be on their company letterheads.

Work with licensed and experienced packers and movers

You must ensure that your chosen movers and packers are licensed and experienced. Ask them to show you the proof of license, company registration and other documents that prove them to be legitimate relocation service providers. You should also check verify movers’ background and market reputation. The verification of packers and movers should be done before inviting them for conducting pre-move survey.

Hire local packers and movers in your city

It is always a good decision to plan house moving with one of local packers and movers. For example, if you are moving from Pune to Hyderabad then you should hire one of local Packers and Movers in Pune. Make sure the company has office within the city. You should also visit their office before inviting them to conduct a pre-move survey and receiving the in-home estimates.

If you will follow the aforementioned considerations before your move then you will be able to hire the right and perfect Packers and Movers. Comparing multiple quotes of verified and qualified movers and packers will help you get the best-quality relocation services at reasonable cost.


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