How Do I Know If My Sewer Line Is Clogged?

Most of the households manage to know the trick to handle clogged drains of their houses. Maybe, you have used some DIY methods such as using power augers to drill and unclog the drain line. You might have heard or seen someone using liquid rooter for sewer line cleaning. Some people utilize iron rods to simply snake and scoop something that is inhibiting the waste from moving forward towards the municipality sewer facility.

It can be much complicated if the problem is associated with the main sewer drain. And only be addressed by a professional plumber. It would be a significant risk to try fixing a major drainage problem without particular knowledge. Here are some signs that you have a clogged sewer line and need plumbing services.

Multiple Drain Backing Up

Drain backups are the most apparent signs that you need sewer line cleaning Parlin. The problem mostly associated with plumbing fixtures and requires an immediate response. Obstruction and debris in the sewer line are the main cause of backups, odors, and water stagnation. It becomes really difficult to sort out where the water flow is getting stuck when multiple drains are backing up such as toilet and kitchen sink. So while taking a shower, if you’re noticing that the water is taking time to pour off or not flowing at all, you need to call a plumber.

Unusual Sounds

Unusual gurgling sounds can be signs of the clogged sewer line. When the pipe is obstructed and water keeps flowing in the same direction you sometimes hear gurgling because of continuous pressure. There might be holes or leaking pipe that is inviting air to enter and force the pipe to produce a trickle. So if you’re hearing air bubbles, the drainage system needs to be addressed by plumbing services in Parlin.


Our olfactory receptors are quick to distinct bad and sweet smells. If you’re gasping unpleasant smell just like gutters stink, it is a quite obvious sign that your wastewater is not passing swiftly to drains. They are clogged and causing odors. This mostly happens due to toilet backups. They are directly connected to the sewer line and sometimes sound like an expectorating adult.

A professional plumber in Parlin NJ can determine the exact reason for the above-mentioned signs and problems. He can identify the real cause for toilet backup and fix the problem using some equipment and tools. You can hire contractors that provide plumbing services and deals in fixing sewer line related issues.


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Written by Millie Smith

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