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Vdointel is a leading provider of security video monitoring services and offsite CCTV monitoring for commercial and non-commercial assets. Our remote CCTV monitoring allows you to monitor your site 24/7, which ensures onsite security. Through remote video surveillance, our team of experts is able to monitor real-time video surveillance, monitor threats, follow intruders, notify authorities and provide sound alarms when needed. As a result, you don’t have to give up any aspect of onsite video surveillance and security, because you get the same level of protection.

Permanent security video monitoring services allows our IT security professionals to quickly identify and correct any onsite security gaps. We also listen to real-time alerts and notify local authorities in the event of a security breach, thereby alerting any intruders and discouraging them from engaging in antisocial behavior.

Cutting Edge Surveillance Technology

Our customized CCTV monitoring solutions make the best use of the latest technology available in the market and are specially designed to meet the needs of our clients. To be sure –

Our security systems can be customized and integrated to work with various software systems for employee identification, crisis management and call tree applications

The CCTV monitoring software we use can be integrated with on-site alarm systems, perimeter alarm systems, and body-worn video cameras, ensuring immediate identification and operation

State-of-the-art surveillance recording with playback and secure archiving to assist in any legal proceedings

Optimized network bandwidth for best centralized and decentralized IP camera surveillance using existing security assets. Click Here to Know More


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Vdointel operates the safest and standard-based live video monitoring services USA, communication and data center. Its remote video monitoring capabilities provide continuous protection for your people, data and assets.
Our video monitoring and maintenance service provides you with the expected security from a mission-critical security solution without the need or expense of 24/7 internal engineers or human security guards. we provide services from high-tech CCTV surveillance and single-worker protection to completely managed service hosting and overall security solutions. We can also manage your associated IT infrastructure.
Why You Choose Us?
Whatever we do is completely transparent. You can log on to your system, by using your sight, to see what is happening at your compound and our video remote monitoring station at any time.
By adding a Record of your sight with the reports you have issued you can begin to see the hidden patterns in security incidents. Are the night shift employees open fire doors? Is a special time of the night favoured by the intruders? And what is their favourite way in your site?
We move here from industry standards and work towards constant recognition and retention. Learn more about the standards we set.
Contact us today to find out how we can provide the highest quality remote CCTV surveillance to your businesses.


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